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As you are well aware over 116,000 Iranians visited Malaysia in 2010, up by 14.3 present compared to 2009 according to Malaysia minister of tourism Ng Yen Yen. According to embassy of Iran around 70,000 Iranians comprising of students, working professionals and independent business merchants are living in Malaysia.

Iranians in Malaysia makes up a wealthy immigrants out here and mostly highly educated. They have been invested as individuals or group of companies in Malaysia Property for about 6 years by now.

Moreover Iranians are at top of MM2H statistics list in 2010.

Parvaz Magazine

Catering to a wide range of reader profile, Parvaz, AirAsia’s in-flight magazine gives you the tools that you need to organize, execute, and profit from solid publicity-generating and public relations campaigns.

This magazine educate and inform AirAsia guests: tourists, business people, resident families and students on a most up-to-date travel and life style subjects, suggested accommodation, Sports and businesses issues.

Parvaz magazine could find in the seat pocket in front of passengers tucked between the barf bag, emergency procedures card in all flights from Tehran to Kuala lumpur.

For more information on the services we offer, please check the advertisement rate attached.

Destination Einterex Group  (Publisher)

Einterex group is the parent company of several subsidiaries in the consultancy, trading and services sectors. The company’s subsidiaries include Uniquesun consultants Ptd Ltd (Investment, Real Estate), Einterex Travel & tours (Travel, Tours & ticketing), Einterex Food Industries (De Ja Vu Restaurant), Einterex Ideas (construction and interior Design).The group was established in 2006 and is based in KL, Malaysia.


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